Haymarket Affair


First of May, celebrated as Labor Day across the globe traces back to the year in 1886. May 1, 1886, when a simple labor protest turned into a fearful riot near Chicago`s Haymarket area. Despite lack of evidence, the authorities convicted eight-labor activist. Back in the day, the US labor movement comprised a series of socialists, communists, and anarchist, probably multiple factions within the movement created a law and order concern for the States.

In the aftermath of the Haymarket affair, the public opinion seemed divided in terms of pro or anti-labor. May 1 was to commemorate the Chicago laborers of 1886. Although the Haymarket affair is not the only iconic labor movement behind May Day or Labor Day.

There has been labor movement from the west to the Far East and May 1 is an attempt to regard the injustice laborers have faced over the years. Since the commemoration of Labor Day, some of the iconic labor movements include that of China and India.

As of today, Labor Day holds multiple dates, celebrated in multiple capacities. Although May 1 seems to be prevalent amongst all.