1st May is commemorated as Labor Day. Processions, seminars and allies are organized to protect the rights of laborers. The purpose of the day is to discern the whole world with the financial and economical rights of labor. It represents a yearly tribute to the contributions of workers who build the prosperity, strength and well-being of our country.

The days of them passes by like shadows, waxing and waning like the edges of the moon, drifting by like the endless stream of people I watch. They hurry by like they're going to accomplish something, because they feel today's the day. They are going to do it today. Their eyes are glimmering with many dreams.

When we see a marvelous gigantic building the first question arises in our mind is who owns this astonishing building but we don’t think about how many men died in the construction of it, the prime effort is of those laborers because it’s not an easy task to build a building they put a lot of efforts their perspiration and hard work should be appreciated.

When we are sitting in a convention and a person who is in higher authority comes in we stand up and greet them in a delightful way but if someone enters in who is in low rank or if a laborer comes in no body stands up for them. Why is that so? Why are we having double standards? Why we segregate people when God has created everyone identical and unique we were not asked where to be born in elite class or in an impoverished family. Then if we are blessed so we should thank God for all the blessings we have and should at least appreciate the efforts of those people who are the reason of triumph of every project.

We always remember and pay respect to affluent but we don’t consider these laborers, a lot of people die while doing constructive things for us, their lives are also precious.

Child labor should be strictly banned and we should employ them in a productive manner, we should give them so that they would get proper education and become a productive member of the society. All the laborers are working for the betterment of the country day and night.

The poor people of our society which are not seen by many eyes. Laborers are the real heroes it’s their effort behind every success, nothing prospers without labor, its only through labor and their painful endeavor, by grim energy and resolute courage that we move on to better things.

There is no substitute for the hard work but unfortunately on the Labor Day here all the employees, school going children will relish their holiday but the indigent laborers will go on their work, they won’t even have a holiday. It’s the dejected reality of our society that their families are not given any welfare if the worker was to be killed in some work related accident then the family won’t get life insurance etc. There are Labor unions which are working for the rights of Labors but woefully, we don’t give them reverence people are becoming so status conscious but they don’t know that behind every success materialistic artifact the foundations are laid by the laborers.

Their daily wage is approximately Rs500 but what they can purchase in this? All human being are equal but if we imagine that if we only have Rs500 per day we have to buy daily living essentials, we have to pay the bills, educational expenses of children and rent of the residency how will we manage? So, if God has given us the courage if we are blessed so we should thank God for that and we should give equal respect to them. Due to fewer wages of laborers they can’t afford the basic necessities of life, if we have rights so they have rights too, we should preserve the rights of laborers. Government should take steps and increase their wages.

Labor day is not only about just celebrating a holiday or just posting about laborers we should have to stand with them give them affection and the respect because if we compare the efforts of a person who is working in an office and a laborer who is digging holes and uplifting thousands of bricks on their backs their endeavor should be appreciated by heart and that all is possible when we all remove the dust of segregation, people on the basis of their socio-economic status and we all serve the humanity and live for people and admire their efforts and treat everyone equally.

They are having more working hours in accordance to their wages, financial and medical age from the government should be given to them because we are ones who will raise voices and come to solutions they are a significant citizen of our society. They are a great asset of our society and we should praise them and make them beatific because they are the reason of the smiles we are having on our faces.

Laborers are the ones who make the country prosperous and strong and they are the reason behind our economic expansion. They have a substantial importance in every sphere of our nation’s prosperity.

Each year, Labor Day gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable contributions that laborers of both genders make to our economy and our beloved country our collective prosperity. It gives us an opportunity to show gratitude for workers inventiveness, dedication, and strength, which define our nation's character. We all should take a moment and salute to their hard work.