The 10.7 km long expansion program of Multan Road from Thokar Niazbeg to Hudiara Drain, called the Hudiara Drain Project, is nowhere near completion. Those who own small and medium-size factories or commercial structures on this road are not sure who will pay them compensation for their acquired properties and when. The NHA absolves itself by claiming that it had paid Rs. 2.63 Billion to revenue department months ago and it was now the duty of that department to pay against the acquisition. Understandably, the file rests at the table of the Member Board of Revenue. The construction work is going on in bits and pieces.

Since the previous Punjab government conceived the project, the present provincial government shows no urgency in completing it. The ultimate sufferers, however, are the people who commute back and forth on the half-built road. Traveling on this road with signs of ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ placed along the way is worse than what it was before its expansion began. The public should not suffer for political reasons; those who travel in crowded buses are only concerned with their daily earnings and how to cope with rising prices of commodities of daily use.


Lahore, April 16.