LAHORE - Buzdar in his message on World Labour Day said that we are celebrating World Labour Day with simplicity and by maintaining social distancing in the wake of coronavirus epidemic and our dear homeland demands from us to confine ourselves within our homes today.

Buzdar commended that labourers are our heroes as they earn livelihood by adopting honest means and strengthen our economy. In 1886 at Chicago labourers laid down unprecedented and exemplary sacrifices to attain their rights and this day reminds us of the struggle of Chicago martyrs against oppression and tyranny, he added.  CM underscored that Islam as a religion teaches for keeping the labourers in high esteem along with taking care of their welfare and betterment. He emphasized that in Islam the labourer has been declared friend of Allah Almighty and his dignity has been duly highlighted.

CM vowed that PTI govt is fully determined to grant due rights to the labourers in Naya Pakistan as Naya Pakistan is of labourers and hard workers. He further apprised that PTI govt is undertaking concrete measures for the welfare and betterment of labourers in true spirit while they were duped by false promises in the past.

He lamented that no practical steps were being taken for ensuring the welfare and betterment of the labourers in the previous tenures.  He emphasized that durable economic and social prosperity cannot be achieved without giving due place to the labour community.