ISLAMABAD                -              Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi yesterday urged the Pakistani envoys in the Gulf countries to hrlp the stranded Pakistanis.

Addressing the ambassadors over a video link, he said the Pakistani embassies in the Gulf countries were doing a great job,

He said the COVID-19 outbreak had exacerbated Islamophobic attacks in India, with Muslims – who account for more than 14% of the country’s over 1.3 billion population – being targeted and accused of spreading the disease.

“The world is fighting against coronavirus. What is required is a joint coordinated effort. Unfortunately, what we are seeing is that though this virus respects no borders, it does not differentiate between ethnicity or religion, yet … India ... is in the grip of Islamophobia,” Qureshi said.

“Hate speech is being practiced in India. Muslims are being discriminated against. They are not even being treated properly in hospitals. There’s a campaign not to buy from their shops and businesses. Their houses were and are being attacked.”