ISLAMABAD                      -                 The district administration on Thursday sealed two sectors in the ‘I-10’ block after over30positive cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported in the area.

Details said that the administration issued orders of sealing the sectors I-10/1 and I-10/4 also requesting the law enforcement departments to cordon off the area.

Officials said that the decision was taken on the recommendation of the district health department which had collected over 30 samples from the area and they were tested positive with the virus.

The district administration has also decided to seal both sectors for seven days.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad HamzaShafqaat in his message said that 33 cases of COVID-19 have been tested positive in the I-10 area and 100 more are being tested.

He said that test reports of 37 persons are negative also, while above 40 are suspects.

DC said that the social distancing was being violated in the area for past 15 days and now the administration will lockdown the area for seven days.

The DC also said that the plan for provision of food and other edible has been also prepared by the administration during the lockdown in the area.

He said that the door to door surveillance will be completed in the area in next seven days hopefully adding the social distancing was being neglected in the area and the disease was spreading.

The notification issued by the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration said that on the recommendation of District Health Officer vide U.O No 4(130)- Health /ICT/84 dated 29-04-2020 and recent confirmed reports of individuals infected with Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) residing in Sector I-10/1 and I-10/4, Islamabad, the area is hereby sealed forthwith exercise of powers conferred under Epidemic Disease Act (1958) in the larger public interest and to prevent widespread outbreak of the diease.

The order further said that moreover, Islamabad Police, Rangers and Pakistan Army are requested to cordon off above mentioned area to ensure the public safety.

Meanwhile, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) dashboard said that the total number of COVID-19 positive cases in the city has reached 313.

The data showed that 16 cases were added till April 29, however no case was reported on April 30th till filing of the story.

The NCOC dashboard also said that four deaths have been reported in the ICT while 44 recoveries were also done.

According to the latest ICT situation report, three cases were confirmed in Alipur, B-17 01, Bara Kahu 32, Bari Imam 02,  E-11 02,  F-10 05,  F-5 02, F-6 08, F-7 02, F-8 03, G-10 13,  G-11-05, G-12 02, G-13 -3, G-14 01,  G-5 04, G-6 10, G-7 11, G-8 15, G-9 05, H-13 1, H-8 1, I-10 33, I-11 03,  I-12 1, I-8 10, I-9 02, Khanapul 01, Kirpa 04, Koral 01, Lohibher 14, Model town Humak 01, Pindbhegwal 01, Rawal town 01, Rawat 16, Shah Allah Ditta 07, Shehzad Town 07, Sihala 01, Sohan 05 and Tarlai 31.

Earlier,the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Wednesday had closed its Children Hospital Operation Theatres (OTs) after a senior anesthetist doctor was tested positive with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Officials said that the infection spread amongst the healthcare professionals at PIMS was also increasing as two more doctors of the urology department were also tested positive with the virus which took the toll of the same department to three.