There is something grossly wrong with the haphazard manner in which PIA has been operating special flights at a time when the whole international commercial aviation industry has grounded their fleet to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and stringent requirements of mandatory quarantine for all onboard. PIA Chairman Arshad Malik cannot be held responsible, because other than him, all other executives, including licensing and scheduling have been there for many years. All airlines including PIA, schedule aircrafts with necessary mandatory certification, while the system ensures that crew hold valid licenses and fulfill visa requirements for transit stopovers and medical certification to satisfaction of the state they operate to. The UK Border Agency reportedly fined PIA over BP 30,000 for breaching rules within a period of two weeks. PIA was supposedly earlier fined BP20,000 on 5 April for the same violation. It is the moral obligation of PIA to ensure that both crew and passengers have been properly checked free from COVID-19 infection and in case of any misfortune, satisfactory quarantine arrangements must be provided by the State. It is assumed that PIA Chairman has not brought a team from his parent organisation. I am sure he is aware or must have realised by now, those dynamics of commercial aviation is regulated by state laws of countries they operate to, marketing demands, ICAO regulations, and civil aviation regulatory authorities of the states whose airspace they overfly, or land and depart from.