Karachi                     -             Central Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Haleem Adil Shaikh on Thursday denied any threat to the 18th Constitutional Amendment.

Addressing a news conference here, Haleem Adil Shaikh, who is also PTI’s parliamentary leader in the Sindh Assembly, has said that no body is trying to end the amendment, however, there is need for its implementation in true spirit and in accordance to its original form.

“Eighteenth Amendment was a positive step but attempts to weaken the Centre do have their repercussions on the provinces too,” said Haleem Adil Shaikh.

Flanked by senior PTI leaders including MNA Aftab Siddiqui and others, he said the ruling party in Sindh had resorted to propaganda to malign the PTI and its nominated Governor for the province, Imran Ismail, so as to hoodwink the masses and divert their attention from govt’s failure in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and relevant administrative matters.

“These are besides the series of public grievances consequent to embezzlement and maladministration,” alleged the MPA. He on the occasion also took strong exception to the display of PPP banners at the camps set up for disbursement of assistance under the Ehsaas Cash Relief Programme, claiming it was used as a tool to fleece the poorest of the poor.

He said the statesmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan, he said, was being increasingly registered across the globe. His commitment towards the cause of public uplift was well evident through the series of measures announced during the recent past encompassing relief packages for the poor, labourers and each and every section from across the country, who were affected due to the coronavirus induced situations.

“On the contrary the steps taken by the provincial government have caused severe inconvenience to almost all sections, including daily wage earners, media workers, women, patients and even low paid cops,” said Shaikh.

He also expressed his reservations about rations distribution announcement by the provincial government.

Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Aftab Siddiqui alleged that the provincial ruling party always played the “Sindh card” whenever the actual issues of the province and the problems faced by its inhabitants were raised.

Expressing his dissatisfaction about the lockdown policy adopted by the provincial government and also declaration of certain major health facilities as Quarantine centres, he said with healthcare facilities, already not upto mark, the masses were being denied of crucially needed medical assistance which ultimately must be costing many of their lives, besides compromising their life quality.  “Adequate planning and proper assessment of their implications were simply ignored,” he commented.

Sindh Chief Minister and his main advisors were telling lies to people, because their whole politics depended on corruption, deception and disinformation, he added.

Flanked by PTI MNA Aftab Siddiqui, Imran Siddiqui and other leaders, he said we saluted the journalist fraternity who were working in this difficult situation. He said the Chief Minister and his disqualified advisor were in self-isolation. He further said that it seemed that this disqualified advisor would become the future Chief Minister. He said the whole system of the PPP was based on disinformation.

He informed that Khuhro and Chandio should be ashamed and withdraw their statements as they just told lies about the Sindh Governor. He said the things attributed to Sindh Governor by them were totally baseless.

 Haleem Adil said that our Prime Minister was a great leader who was respected in the whole world. He had given a package of Rs1200 billion. Now he had given another package of Rs75billion for workers. He said the federal government was also supplying medical equipment to hospitals.

He advised Bilawal to talk to the Pakistani media instead of defaming Pakistan on BBC. He told that people of Sindh wanted to know what the PPP Government had done for them and Sindh Chief Minister was an expert actor. He said now PPP MPAs were hiding from people. He said, even Aftab Siddiqui has distributed more ration than the whole Sindh government. He further said that the Sindh government was distributing expired items just for photo sessions. They also held a photo session while distributing a couple of soap bars.

 He expressed that masses, journalists and even policemen were suffering a lot due to ban on pillion riding, even patients and women were not exempt from the ban on pillion riding. He said now they were bringing an ordinance, even knowing that gas and electricity were federal subjects. Tenants were being given exemption but there should also be some incentives for the property owner, he added.

Haleem said there was no incentive for factory owners and Murad Shah wanted to bring this ordinance for creating more chaos. He told that soon big news would be heard after investigation by the FIA, adding that the economy was in the lockdown.

He further said giving ration to two million people proved to be a big lie of Sindh Government as poor people of Sindh were dying from hunger.

He said in Jinnah Hospital patients and dead bodies were kept together. He said previous day a patient jumped from the roof of Jinnah hospital and committed suicide. He said a case should be registered in this regard.

He went on saying that the online business was a drama while traders were facing immense troubles. He said the PPP was choking the economy of whole Pakistan in the name of lockdown in Karachi. He told that the PPP had established a gang war in this megacity and the Sindh government had not spent even one rupee out of budget. It was spending even from salaries and pension money. He said the government of Imran Khan gave huge funds, but what the government of Bilawal in Sindh had given to the people. He said the PPP workers were collecting extortion from poor people who were deserving to get money from Ehsaas program centers. He further said Sindh Governor Imran Ismail could sit in the Governor House, but seeing this malpractice he visited these centers to stop this extortion. He said we saluted Imran Ismail.

He said several countries were lifting lockdowns but the Sindh Chief Minister was still spreading fear.

However, MNA Aftab Siddiqui said that they had always talked about the rights of Sindh. He said the PPP should stop playing the Sindh card and the Governor of Sindh had great sympathies with the people of Sindh. He told that they condemned the statement of Nisar Khuhro of PPP but Prime minister Imran Khan was the leader of Ummah. He said Sindh government had not given ration to the poor people. He asked people were dying in America but there was no lockdown. There was a conspiracy to destroy the economy of Karachi, he added and said that he had planned to give ration to thirty seven thousand people of his constituency.