As the spread of the virus began, the first preventive measure taken by the Government was social distancing which then led to the lockdown. And that is when the negativity struck. We are flooded with gloomy news around us all the time, every day the highlights are either about the number of deaths increasing or how the vaccines for the virus failed. This has resulted in people becoming impatient and not looking at some of the positive aspects of this lockdown.

If you sit on your couch and just listen to the world around you, it is getting quieter, which is a good thing considering the high noise pollution rates this world experiences. Around the globe, contamination and ozone harming substance levels have decreased substantially. Fewer vehicles on parkways and planes in the sky have resulted in clear skies in the world’s smoggiest cities. The water is now clear in Venice’s canals and the Himalayas are now being visible from northern India for the first time in 30 years. These are just a few examples of pollution levels dropdowns.

Mavra Murad

Wah Cantt