LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Thursday sealed three food points and discarded thousands of kilograms of unwholesome food while carrying out an operation against adulterated milk and eatables in different districts of Punjab. PFA Director General Irfan Memon told the media that the dairy safety teams discarded 1,900-litre chemically contaminated milk in Fazlia Colony, Shah Jamal, Lahore.  In Multan, the PFA sealed Mughal Industry at Nagh Shah Chowk and Malik Foods at Purana Dunyapur Road. He said both units were closed down for bringing in to use expired flavours, empty bottles and untraceable ingredients.  The authority seized 2,220 litres of Swiss mango drinks, 1,950-kg mango pulp, 1,000 litres of mango juice, 25-kg pomegranate flavour, 23-kg expired artificial sweeteners, two filling plants and 1,200 empty bottles. The PFA Sialkot team sealed Shah Chakki (grinding) unit located at Bogra Hajipura over contamination of daal matri and corn in chickpea flour.