LAHORE - A latest survey conducted by Interim Research and Intelligence Service (IRIS) says that Punjab government has left behind other provinces by displaying excellent performance in its war against coronavirus, claimed an official handout issued on Thursday. 

 According to the survey, opinion of 48 percent people, Punjab govt remained ahead of all other provinces in making continuous and uninterrupted contact with the people under its communication strategy.

Findings of the survey conducted in April show that Sindh govt received 39 percent vote, KP govt 12 percent vote and Balochistan govt received 01 percent vote with regard to maintaining communication strategy.

According to the opinion of 47 percent people in the survey, Punjab govt displayed exemplary and effective performance in order to combat and deal with COVID-19 pandemic while Sindh, KP and Balochistan govt received 40 percent, 12 percent and 01 percent vote respectively.

According to the survey, 70 percent people of Pakistan declared performance of Prime Minister Imran Khan satisfactory with regard to effectively dealing with coronavirus.

Ten big cities of Pakistan were included in the survey being conducted by IRIS and according to the results significant improvements have occurred in the performance of Punjab govt in April as compared to March 2020.