After a long time, our military is backing the democratically elected government on the sensitive issue of terrorism. Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani has endorsed the government's efforts to draft a national strategic policy to combat terrorism saying that the entire nation was united against extremists. He said the 14-point resolution passed by the joint session of both houses of parliament was a testimony to this. The mismanaged war on terror has already done a lot of damage to our dear homeland. In the previous regime, everyone had an axe to grind so collective thought on issues was absent. As a result, the nation suffered a lot internationally. Right now, the Pakistani Taliban control all seven tribal agencies that make up our autonomous region, known as FATA, that borders Afghanistan. They are now spreading across the NWFP. And this has happened because of the wrong methodology used by the previous regime to deal with this issue. Naked show of power is often not the solution in situations like this. But this is what Islamabad resorted to and suffered terrible consequences of that policy. In the chaos that has ensued, the parliamentary resolution declaring a new policy has restored faith of the Pakistani nation in its institutions. -FAKHAR-E-ALAM, Lahore, October 30.