KARACHI - The legislators, lawyers and rights activists have demanded strict implementation of proposed "Muslim Family Laws and Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill 2008" which have already been sent to the law ministry for debate in the parliament. During consultative workshop on the topic of "Muslim Family Laws and Domestic Violence Bill 2008" which was organised by Parliament Legislative Watch of Aurat Foundation on Friday at local hotel in city. Justice (R) Majida Rizvi presided over the first session on "Muslim Family Laws" while Justice Shaiq Usmani conducted the proceedings as moderator and briefed the participants about the proposed amendments in Muslim Family Laws. The drafts of Muslim family laws and rules with proposed amendments in them were the result of a very valuable input given by a number of law experts and civil society representatives. Besides, the provincial assembly members belong to MQM Zareen Majeed, Husna Abid, PPP MPAs Humera Alwani, Farheen Mughal, PML-F MPAs Marvi Rashdi, Nusrat Sehar Abasi, and women leaders of PML-Q Salma Waheed Murad, Sindhiani Tehreek's Marium Palijo, renowned lawyer Noor Naz Agha, Barrister Danish Zubairi, Legislative Watch Programme of Aurat Foundation's Naheed Syed and Rubina Brohi also spoke on the proposed amendments in above mentioned family laws. Justice (r) Majida Rizvi and Shaiq Usmani further said that various amendments had been suggested in the present Muslim Family Laws aimed to ensure equal rights to the women, as the constitution of the country has already provided the equal rights to the women but never being implemented with true spirit. They talked about the demerits and loopholes in the present Muslim Family laws which deal with the family matters like marriages, child marriages, other matters pertaining to women rights. Lot of amendments have been suggested in various clauses of this law while in child marriage. They suggested that the waiver of punishment given to woman in present law should be abolished because in many cases of child marriages male members of the families have taken illicit benefit of the law by accusing women as a main players in the cases of child marriages in order to avail the waiver of punishment, which is only set for the women. The Jurists informed that this waiver in punishments must go in favour of women. Meanwhile, Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal presiding over the second session on drat of "Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill 2008" said that this proposed law has already sent to Women and law ministry for approval of parliament. She informed that this bill was presented in previous National Assembly but it was not taken up for approval. She further said that same proposed bill against domestic violation was also presented in Punjab Assembly but due to strong opposition of male legislators, it could not be passed as they considered that domestic violence was a family matter and it should not be made public. Eminent jurist further said that the objective of this proposed bill was to take punitive measures against domestic violence. "This law is necessary because our constitution gives equal right to women", she remarked. Deputy Speaker Provincial Assembly of Sindh Syeda Shehla Raza addressing the consultative workshop vowed that a bill against domestic violence would be passed in upcoming session of Sindh assembly. "We still firm on our stance regarding repealing of Hudood Ordinance as suggested by PPP", she declared. She observed that history of the country witnessed that military dictators who ruled on the country made anti peoples laws aimed to strengthen their military rule grabbing the rights of the people enshrined in the constitution given by elected former PM Zulifqar Ali Bhutto. Earlier, Ms. Maliha Zia and Anis Haroon Regional Director of Aurat Foundation briefing the participants about objective of this exercise of proposed amendments and new laws for protection of women. Haroon announced that Women Action Forum has started a signature campaign against the jirgas and Karo-Kari which will be extended to other provinces.