KARACHI - The fishermen, including women and children, civil society organisations, leaders and workers of the political parties on Friday staged protest demonstration here at Marina Club DHA against the Defence Housing Authority (DHA). They demanded that the DHA should be merged into City District Government Karachi (CDGK). The protesters claimed that the DHA imposed ban to anchor their boats nearby shoreline in Gizri Creek. They demanded restoration of their livelihood and fundamental rights of indigenous fishers of Machi Mayan village Gizri area. They also announced that if the fishers' rights were not restored, the entire civil society organisations would stage sit-in in front of the DHA office. The demonstrated protest on the call of Dharti, a coalition of different civil society organisations, that led by the head of coalition, Naila Ahmed from Sehri, Karamat Ali and Sharafat Ali from PILER, Muhammad Ali Shah PFF, Tahira Ali PFF, Saeed Baloch, Elahi Bakhsh from SPO, Zulfiqar Shah, Majeed Motani from PFF, Zulfiqar Ali, and others.   The participants carrying play cards, banners inscribed with their demands. They were also chanting slogans in which they were demanding access to the landing sites, thus to the resources, construction of a proper landing site. Addressing the participants, Naila Ahmed said that it was sheer injustice that poor fishermen access to the livelihood resources was denied in the name of beautification, but behind the idea of beautification there is the real estate business and industry who wants to make million dollars by displacing the poverty-ridden fishers. She also condemned the gradual tricks being used by the DHA in dislodging the fishers from one jetty to another, then from another to now fourth one at Gattar Baghicha. This dislodging is being done by force against the powerless poor fishers. On the occasion, other representatives have also demanded from the government authorities to conduct inquiry regarding the matter and the DHA authority must be put to accountability. They also alleged that the said authority has crossed the limits of human rights violation. They claimed that DHA is one of those institutions whose social accountability is none because of the power, those institutions carry with them. DHA is looting the poor by displacing them and selling their lands to elite class. They alleged that the said authority is exercising its power in the name of Army. Consequently, the centuries old population and villages are subjected to sheer victimisation. They also urged the government at province and at the Centre, whom fishers have given their votes, that they should take immediate measures to stop DHA for doing unjust with poverty-ridden fishers rather removing fishers' jetty. They demanded to rebuild and re-established proper jetties for fishers. They said that if the ban on fishers to catch fish in the Gizri jetty was not quashed, then civil society and fishers from across Sindh will gather at the DHA office on November 21, 2008 on International Fishers Day.