I know the traffic police in Karachi is not exactly a favourite with the public, not least because its officers never seem to be around when there is a traffic jam on the road. When they do frantically arrive on the scene, they mindlessly resort to stopping traffic just so that some VIP can pass through. Credit, though, needs given where due. I live in Nazimabad and frequently use the route of NIPA and University Road to travel. Sometimes I travel through the Saddar and M.A. Jinnah Road. The main junctions of all these destinations usually have a traffic jam just because somebody parked wrongly, or went against traffic rules. And only men from traffic police come in handy in this sort of pickle. No matter how grim the traffic situation may be, and it can get pretty nasty especially during the evening rush hour, the men of traffic police posted at the spot usually do a commendable job. They beautifully manage thousands of vehicles that seem to pass through these areas every few minutes. -AYESHA AFTAB, Karachi, via e-mail, October 22.