KARACHI - Federal government has directed the Inspector General Police Sindh to reinvestigate Tasleem Solangi's case, a 17-year-old girl who was murdered in Khairpur district in March 25, 2008 in pretext of karokari, sources in the federal government revealed to The Nation on Friday. On the assurance of PPP MNA Syeda Nafeesa Shah and in presence of magistrate Tasleema's mother, Zakira Solangi, recorded her statement on Friday. Sources in Khairpur police revealed that in light of Zakira's statement a new FIR would be launched to investigate the gory incident of Taslima Solangi. Sources in the Sindh government said that after direction from the federal government a high level three-member committee had been constituted by IG Sindh Salahuddin Babar Khattak to reinvestigate the matter. DIG, SSP and SP Sukkur are the members of the committee led by PPP MNA Syeda Nafeesa Shah who was already given task by President Asif Zardari and PM to probe into the case. The Federal Information Minister Sherry Rehman has said that the government was resolutely pursuing Solangi's case, and those involved in the murder of the 17-year-old would be brought to book. She said: "The government took immediate action when the case was reported early this week. The President and the PM have personally intervened in the matter and have directed the authorities to initiate the investigation." Ms Rehman said that the Federal Government has directed the Inspector General Police Sindh to reinvestigate the matter. She confirmed that "a high level committee has been constituted by the IGP Sindh for reinvestigation. "We want a thorough probe by a team of professionals. The committee has been assigned the dual task of reinvestigation as well as to probe any cover-up and involvement of any influential individuals or groups," she added. She said that the government was monitoring the course of the investigation, and the initial report would be submitted to the Ministry of Women Development and the Ministry of Interior on November 1 (today)."The case will be taken forward on the basis of the findings in the preliminary report." "There is spate of information on the incident coming from different sources. The father of the victim is underground, while the husband has reportedly confessed his involvement in the murder." "The case has been under constant media attention and it is important to separate facts from fiction. Any legal action against the culprits must be based on solid investigation and such an exercise requires time and the employment of a professional approach," she added. Ms Rehman said that another challenge posed by the case was its outdated nature. "There has been a lapse of several months between the time the crime occurred and the time it was reported. This gives enough space to those involved to mislead the course of investigation. We are therefore screening every piece of information we are receiving about the case because we want to ensure that our inquiry follows the right direction." The federal minister said that there was absolutely no question of allowing the perpetrators to escape the course of justice. "We are determined to bring the culprits to book. All those responsible, no matter how powerful they are, would be tried for eliminating a life for their vested interests. This is human rights issue and such crimes cannot be taken lightly," she added.