ISLAMABAD  (APP) - Persons contributing outstanding scientific papers and those notable performer in the 5th Annual Symposium were awarded medals and shields in a distribution ceremony held here at MCH Auditorium on Friday.Prof. Anwar Ul Haque emphasized on hard work, zeal, utmost dedication, selflessness and intense love for knowledge and research. "The biggest insult of knowledge occurs when it is used for money making and material greed", he remarked. He quoted Iqbal who regarded the intense love for knowledge and hard work as "Ishq" and "Khoon-e-Jigar". He said when Muslims had this vigor, they reached the skies and founded all modern sciences including entire medical sciences, laboratories and hospitals. He said that unbiased Non Muslim Historians such as 'Philip Haiti' and scientists like 'George Staten' of 'Yale' have recognized that all modern sciences and entire modern medical sciences are unmistakably Islamic. He said young doctors must engage in research work and try to avoid follow their predecessors who used research for merely money making and assuming status. Dr. Abdul Majid Rajput hailed the contribution of young researchers as well as faculty members for their contribution in the Symposium. Dr. Lubna Naseem said the ceremony was held to recognize as well to encourage young researchers who presented quality papers in medical field.