TWO incidents have occurred in Lahore that need to be investigated by the government. The first one is the arrest of a doctor by police for his professional negligence that resulted in the death of a patient who was administered wrong blood group during transfusion. This is without doubt a criminal act and generally speaking is a sad commentary on the state of our public hospitals and the medical community that most of time is indifferent to the plight of the patients, yet the arbitrary manner in which the concerned doctor was arrested, provoking hundreds of medics to take to the streets was perhaps uncalled for. Conducting a departmental inquiry and punishing those involved according to the rules would have been a better way. The second incident is that of high-handedness on the part of the GCU administration. The manner in which the university management has been victimising some of the students accused of minor disciplinary violations should be strongly condemned. Cases were registered against them under anti-terrorism act. In a massive crackdown the police on the orders of the GCU administration has been barging into the student's residences all over the city causing harassment to the families. This amounts to taking things too far. In a similar manner, the police earlier booked a number of students who were protesting peacefully against the rustication of their mates. Other students on the campus have also been complaining of the harsh rules that have virtually ended student freedom. While it is extremely hard to get even a sick leave, the teachers have been given extensive powers to strike off the name of a student from university rolls on the slightest breach of discipline. It goes without saying that keeping things in order at a campus is a duty the administration must attend to, it should however avoid from placing too much restrictions on the students and subsequently limiting their ability to 'courage to know'. Since both the incidents concerns the public at large, the government ought to look seriously into the matter.