ASHER BUTT/ASHRAF CH LAHORE - International tennis referee Sultan Ghanji said here Friday that lack of training and improper planning by the tennis authorities in the country were the reasons behind Pakistan failure in producing top class players. In an exclusive talk with joint forum of The Nation and Nawa-i-Waqt, the ITF referee slammed Pakistan tennis authorities for not doing anything to spot and groom youngsters. He said it was the apathy of the officials to the game that future of Pakistan tennis looked bleak. Ghanji arrived in Pakistan to supervise the ITF Future Tennis Tournaments. The first two legs of the event were held in Islamabad and the third concluded here at the Bagh-i-Jinnah Courts on Friday. "The Pakistan Tennis Federation should acquire the services of quality coaches instead of hiring a bunch of cronies or relatives of its officials," he said. He further said: "What Pakistan needs right now is a foreign coach for youngsters who would develop a proper base. For the moment, it all looks a waste of time and money," he said. On finding replacements for Aisamul Haq and Aqeel Khan, he said: "You can perform for two to three years on international circuit and then the decline start. Players of exceptional qualities survive a bit longer but you always need to prepare quality replacements," he said. "But here in Pakistan there is no disciplined training among the players and their fitness level is also not of the international standards, he maintained. He said Aisamul and Aqeel were losing race against time. "They are good players but how long they can they hold their game. With age, performance fades and I don't see any potential replacement being groomed to take over from them," said he. Ghanji said that the synthetic courts at the Bagh-i-Jinnah were by no means of international standards and were barely good enough to host club and junior level matches. He said a lot of work needed to be done to make them of international standard. "The current infrastructure is that of junior level and for a proper base, you need to have good coaching facilities which I did not see during my stay here," he said. "International standard courts are of much larger space with at least six courts but here, you see just four courts and that too are not of international standard and are for only junior tennis," he said. He further said that the lights installed at the courts were of low quality. "Besides, the lavatory is also substandard and stinking," he said. To a question, he said that he did not see any Pakistan coach. "How they give training to players and what is their regimen of training, I don't know," he said.