KARACHI (APP) - It was gloomy day for Pakistan cue men Saleh Muhammad and Khurram Agha as both suffered defeat in the IBSF World Snooker Championship in Wels (Austria) on Thursday evening, according to the message received here on Friday. Former world number two Saleh Muhammad faced a disappointing 3-4 defeat at hands of Muhammad Al Joaker of United Arab Emirates after an intriguing tussle. The match between Saleh and Joaker was tied 3-all after six frames. But in the decider, Joaker was fortunate to emerge winner by just seven points difference. Saleh lost 17-60, 70-25, 61-34, 46-71, 64-33, 31-54, 68-75 after over three see-saw contest. Khurram Agha made a great start against 2002 World Champion Steve Mifsud of Australia before going down 1-4.32-year-old Khurram took the opening frame 91-21 with superb cue control. However Steve proved took good for Khurram in the next four frames and never allowed him to stage comeback by wrapping the match 66-1, 97-0, 57-34, 81-32. Agha will take on Omar Mounchid of Morocco on Saturday afternoon while Saleh will up against Robert Butof of Austria in the evening session.