In a previous letter, I had expressed annoyance at NAB's inefficiency in providing compensation to the forex companies' affectees. In response, NAB not only issued a clarification letter but I was also provided an opportunity to visit the NAB offices at Chamba House, Lahore. I was warmly received by a senior official who accompanied me to the concerned department in an adjacent building where I was updated about my case, which was being processed at the time. Soon after that, I received a letter from NAB asking me to collect my initial compensation cheque on a specified date. When I reached the place on the appointed day, hundreds of people were gathered in order to receive their compensation cheques. Everyone was dealt with honourably and went back satisfied and happy with the concerned staff. I am satisfied that NAB is working diligently, and honestly, to recover the amounts of affectees of public frauds. NAB is transparent, fair and very well organised. It should be given a free hand to continue its work of serving the public. -MICHAEL KAROLUS, Lahore, October 29.