According to a media report, the mullahs of Pakistan have announced a fatwa against suicide bombing, declaring it 'Harram' in Pakistan. In the first place, the fatwa having been limited to territorial bounds appears, on the face of it, to be politically motivated. Even though the intention behind the fatwa seems good, its efficacy seems doubtful when we see consider the fact that some pre-partition fatwas issued by as high a religious authority as Ulema-e-Deoband against, for instance, the use of loudspeaker in mosques is now being flagrantly flouted by the clergy itself. In my view the great abuse of loudspeaker in our mosques, which obviously constitutes a sort of sonic terrorism, is the mother of all extremism. Unless you uproot this 'root cause' of terrorism, all fatwas against its extreme manifestations like suicide bombing will be futile. -T.S. BOKHARI, Attock city, via e-mail, October 17.