LAHORE - DCO Lahore Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta has said that the City District Government is initiating development schemes identified in the ADP after evaluating their feasibility in the District Development Committee.He was speaking at The Nation Forum on Friday. Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta said the technical evaluation of development schemes and their expected cost was necessary to ensure that no additional funding was required and all new projects were completed within stipulated time period. "We want initiation of all development projects identified in the ADP. But their technical evaluation is necessary to check relevance between the identified projects and their cost to ensure that once the project is initiated, it completes within time frame," the DCO said adding, the CDG was also taking on board the elected representatives in the locality where development project was to be initiated to avoid confrontation and unrest in the society. To a query regarding the role of nazims, he said that the local government system was intact and all the elected representatives were being given due importance and they were part of the system. Bhutta said the CDG was launching massive operation for the eviction of cattle from residential areas. "This time the City has been divided into two parts. Joint team of five towns will carry out operation in one part while the team of remaining four towns will take part in the drive in other part. First awareness campaign will be launched and then three-day notices will be served to cattle owners. After lapse of notice period, two teams will select one union council each and will go to the other UC after freeing the first one from cattle. The cattle will be moved to the slaughterhouse at Shah Pur Kanjran where town wise enclosures will be made," the DCO said. He said that the CDG would streamline supply of subsidised flour directly from mills to tandoors within one week that would reduce complaints regarding the flour not reaching the registered shops. He said that mohalla committees would monitor the process of supply of subsidised flour from mills to tandoors. He said the CDG has so far registered 3,233 tandoors that were getting good quality flour at subsidised rates from 14 known flourmills. He said that the number of tandoors would be increased with the passage of time for supplying subsidised flour. To a question about lifting of unattended garbage accumulated in different parts of the City, Bhutta said the CDG has so far lifted accumulated garbage from about a dozen union councils. "Garbage generation in the City is more as compared to the lifting capacity of the SWM. The CDG started union council wise operation to ensure optimum usage of machinery and manpower. The CDG has so far removed backlog from over a dozen union councils in the City," he said, adding, the operation would continue till lifting of backlog from all 150 union councils. Bhutta said the CDG was carrying out a survey to identify plazas that constructed shops at the space provided for parking. He said that parking space at these plazas would be restored to facilitate visitors. He said that the Punjab Government has already given a task to the LDA to construct parking plazas at different places for resolving parking problems in the City. He said the CDG was launching operation for the removal of encroachments from different roads. He said the CDG was consulting with traders at Shah Alam Market to remove encroachments from the busiest business centre in the City. To a question about the status of metered parking stands in the City, the DCO said that equipment for the first such stand would be installed at Liberty Market in the third week of November.