KARACHI - A total of 19 foreign prisoners of Tajikistan, Bangladesh, India, Mozambique, Tanzania, Palestine, South Africa, Liberia and Nigeria are waiting for their release despite passing of their detention period as they do not have the required travelling documents and also due to lack of interest of their respective consulates, The Nation has learnt on Saturday. Informed sources said that Alam s/o Altaf, a Bangladesh national, who was arrested under Section 3/2 (a) of Foreign Act from Mithadar police limits. His detention was expired in September 2009 but he could not be released so far. The sources at the Karachi Central Jail said that due to absence of Alams travelling documents, he couldnt be released. The jail sources said that the consulates of these prisoners had been informed but so far they did not respond. An officer in the Karachi Central Jail administration said that the jail administration had given all the details to the provincial home department that 19 foreign prisoners are detained in Karachi Central Jail and all of them are detained due to non-absence of their travelling documents. Wahid s/o Nasir, another Bangladeshi, was arrested from Noski under Foreign Act and his detention had also expired in September 2009. The detention period of Muhammad Muzafar Ali s/o Muhammad Sheraz Ali had also been expired in September 2009. The detention of Abdullah Mkwunida of Mozambique had expired in August 2009. The detention period of Adam s/o Kidume Dengue of Tanzania had expired in September 2009. Yousuf s/o Haji Yousuf, belonged to Tanzania, date of detention was expired in September 2009. The detention of Prince Oke Alagble of Liberia had expired in August 2009. Detention of Rafiuddin Amjad s/o Shafi Muhammad, Indian, had expired in September 2009. A South Africa National Leon Bremner s/o Bremner, belonged South Africa, was arrested by Anti Narcotics Force, under 9-B, CNC act, he had been detained for three months which expired in September 2009. Felix Obiozor of Nigeria, Bangladeshi nationals including Saeedul Hassan s/o Muhammad Fazal, Mubashair Ahmed s/o Imdadullah, Bashir Ahmed s/o Jalaluddin, Muhammad Umar Farooq s/o Muhammad Amir Hussain. Tajikistan nationals Hikmatullah s/o Mukarram, Abdul Rehman s/o Abdul Qadir and Macuacua Romao, belongs to Mozambique are also facing the same problems. Their detention time had been expired before end of October but they are yet to be freed due to absence of their travelling documents. The home department had informed all the details of these prisoners to their respective consulates but so far neither any consulate nor any administration had responded to the information given by the home department, an official of the home department said.