KARACHI - A new band with the name of Sabrang is ready, its sound mixing has been done, and we are working on a video that is to hit the market in January, told famous vocalist of Mekal Hassan band Javed Basheer in a sitting with The Nation. He informed that with coordination of his brothers, he had formed this musical band hoping to cater for the musical needs of every body, yet its style is remain Sufiana with classical version. To address the need of every sort of audience, we have included different songs of many varieties. 'We have already made one video that was to be released in April by Times records, but Mombay blasts have put that on hold, now it will be released in March 2010. This video is being made by Zeeshan, its music arranger is Sajid Hussain Chhakoo, while its outlook and thematic structure is Sufiana, he added. While throwing light on his aptitude, he said that he always wanted to become a prominent singer and his utmost desire was to sing Sufi poetry, yet he started his music journey in 1992 by taking part in Qawalis and in fact his new album has a remixed-version of his old Qawali 'Dil Da Jani. He further said that that his passion was to give people the sense of music because it was the need of people, adding that to him, every thing is music. He said that he started music at the age of 17, adding that his utmost desire was to jointly work with AR. Rehman; his passion bore fruits when he met an opportunity to work with AR Rehman in the movie Yuva. 'My passion was to get admiration of the people, and that was my success, he said. He informed that he was about to complete his project with Shahrukh Khan and Yesh Chopra when in April Mombay tragedy halted his whole package and project. He informed that now in India the environment for Pakistani singers is not plausible, and the key reason behind that is poor quality singing by a mediocre Pakistani singers. He said, It is very interesting that Pakistan is famous for its cricket and singers, and in India the industry giants have become insecure of Pakistani talent and avoid promoting Pakistani singers. While talking about his future plans he said Peter Gabriel called him up some time back and showed his interest to work jointly with him, so a big project is expected soon, moreover his songs 'Toray nena le gay moray cheyna in the movie Khuda Hafiz and one song with Ali Azmat in the movie 'Tera kya hoga are to be released soon. On a question he said he sees singing potential in Amanat, Zain ul Aabideen, and his younger brother Akbar Basheer who have great future ahead, but the sad fact is that media does not promote them. If TV channels take heed on promoting young Pakistani talent, our industry would easily compete with Hollywood, he added. He further informed, He likes Sufi poetry as compared to contemporary cheap and ordinary poetry. In his new album he has included songs of different genres to cater for the needs of every type of music listeners. The songs included are one Kafi of Baba Fareed, one song of Baba Bhullay Shah, one Thumri and one song in Purbi language. He showed his concern over the message conveyed by a lobby that classical music is useless, but they do not know that classical music is fountainhead of all sorts of music.