Words are not enough to describe the pain caused by the deaths of innocent men, women and children in the recent Peshawar bombing. It occurred on the same day when US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton arrived in Pakistan. Was that a warning or a welcoming gift to her by the forces who want to weaken and destabilise Pakistan? It is obvious that certain forces are determined to push Pakistan back into the stone age while the nation makes an equally determined push to move forward into the 21st century. Our educational institutions all across the country are being terrorized into closure. That is a deathblow to our already failing, segmented and class-ridden education system. Our educationists, intellectuals and thinkers must realise the extreme damage a security threat of this nature would do to an educational structure that is already creaking due to extra costs heaped at the top. The whole nation must join hands now to save our education from this specter of insecurity. Only the elite, no more than 1 % of our population, can afford to send their children abroad for education or pay extra for the required level of security outside even the elitist educational institutions. Where will children of rest of the nation go? Our so-called leaders must open their eyes to the fact that war against terror is now become the one and only issue of Pakistan whether or not it has been imposed upon us. We have now been hurled into it. The terrorists are taking off time from fighting our security agencies to attack the common man to weaken our resolve. We need to recognise that and reinvent the role of our institutions and their practical utility in terms of proper utilization to ensure we defeat that strategy. Rather than beefing up the VVIP security. We should aim to protect our common innocent people who are at the mercy of this merciless bombing campaign. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, October 31.