Karachi Gulzar Feroz, a senior tennis player and Chairman Standing Committee on Environment FPCCI has underscored the importance of creating a better and cleaner environment which in turn, he said, would help in the promotion of sports and development of a healthy society. He was speaking here on Saturday at a reception hosted by Pakistan Senior Tennis Association (PSTA) to congratulate him on being awarded Tamghe-e-Imtiaz for his services to the promotion of a cleaner environment. Chairman of PSTA Saeed Hai, President Jamal Mirza, Secretary Khalid Rehmani, former Davis cupper Altaf Hussain, and a number of friends attended the reception. Gulzar Feroz is also President of Karachi STA. Jamal Mirza lauded his efforts in promoting senior tennis by inviting friends to sponsor events in Karachi. Gulzar Feroz, who also heads Pakistan Tanners association environment committee in Landhi and Korangi Industrial area, said there is no doubt playing grounds were important for the promotion of sports, but better and cleaner environment was also essential for the development of sports and healthy activities. One could not improve without the development of the other, he pointed out. He drew attention to the fact that better sportsmen were produced in a clean neighborhood with ample playing facilities. In Karachi and elsewhere in the country there were a number of playing facilities, parks and playgrounds but they were not being fully utilised because the environment was not as clean as the society wanted it to be in most of those areas where these facilities exist. He said society in general and urban centers in particular with large number of industries and road traffic faced greater challenges on environment. The Pakistan Tanners Association, he said, had taken measures to clean the environment by constructing affluent treatment plants in recent years. Such a plant was constructed some years ago to treat the affluent discharged by the tanners located in Landhi Korangi Industrial area. There was need of creating more facilities but due to red tape some projects were still lying in the files but hoped things would move faster in the future with greater awareness of the need for creating better and cleaner environment. He said a number of industries in SITE area of Karachi had also on self-help basis or with the support of the govenment launched a number of schemes to treat industrial waste. The efforts made so far were laudable but, he said, much was still needed to be done in that direction. Efforts were also needed to work on reducing air pollution on city roads all over the country and particularly in Karachi where large number of mostly old buses, taxies, private cars and rickshaws emit smoke causing degradation of the environment. He said not much could be achieved to the improve environment without the support of society in general, the government and other stakeholders.