US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that challenges remained in removing Pakistanis suspicions about the United States. In an interview with BBC, she urged Pakistanis to 'realise the connection between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Washington wants Pakistan to go after Al-Qaeda and the hardcore Afghan Taliban. Hillary Clinton lavished praise on the Pakistan Army for its efforts to fight militancy. Speaking to Pakistani newspaper editors in Lahore on Thursday evening, she said she found it hard to believe that nobody in the Pakistani government knew where Al-Qaeda was hiding in the country and 'couldnt get them if they wanted. In the interview, Clinton clarified her comments and the US view of the Pakistan governments commitment to combating militancy. Of course we are very encouraged to see what the government is doing. At the same time, it is just a fact that Al-Qaeda had sought refuge in Pakistan after the US and our allies went after them because of the attack on 9/11, she said. And we want to encourage everyone, not just the Pakistan government or the military but Pakistani citizens to realise the connection between Al-Qaeda and these Taliban extremists who are threatening Pakistan. They are part of a syndicate of terror. Clinton said she was 'very impressed by the resolve of the Pakistani leadership in stamping out the militant threat. Clinton acknowledged there was, what she called, a trust deficit towards the United States in Pakistan because of past policies. But she said she was working to change that by reaching out to ordinary Pakistanis.