As a citizen of this country, I am truly appalled by the lack of sensitivity of my compatriots in respect of the carnage, destruction and loss of innocent lives of women and children at Peshawar. The nation has become so callous and insensitive to the tragedies of this magnitude that it did not even move any institution/individuals to lodge a public outcry against this heinous act. We are so prone to taking out processions/long marches on irrelevant issues that I wonder why nobody thought of doing so against this act of terrorism? While I am not suggesting that we should hold long marches, at least symbolically, the entire nation could have worn black armbands to register protest. Our politically active moulvis could have arranged for 'ghayebana namaz-e-janazas in mosques for the departed souls. This could have been done in silence and dignity. Have we lost the spirit of being a nation? It is so depressing-SIRAJUDDIN AZIZ, Lahore, October 30.