LEONA Lewis is the sort of girl who feels things; feels them very deeply. So when a crazed fan punched her in the head during a book signing of her illustrated autobiography, Dreams, at Waterstones in Londons Piccadilly, she wasnt just hurt, but distraught. The man who attacked her, X Factor reject Peter Kowalczyk, was arrested and sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Leona, 24, who cancelled an appearance on the BBCs The One Show and a two-day promotional trip to Germany, remains extremely upset by what happened. 'It was a horrible shock. One moment I was having a wonderful day; I loved meeting everyone who was there. The next minute that all happened, she says, the disbelief continuing to register in eyes that seem to plead 'be nice. - Daily Mail Nastiness, you see, horrifies Leona. She tells me she cant even watch the news, preferring life to be a pretty, pink, happy- ever-after place. 'I always try to see the good in everyone, she says. 'I try to think that everyone wants to be a good person - but thats not always the case. Its not the first time that Leona has suffered at the hands of the public. A few months ago, she was shopping with her Guyanese-born father, Joe, in Londons trendy when they were told to leave a shop because of their race. The episode affected Leona deeply, and shes emotional when she speaks about it now for the very first time. 'I went into a shop while my dad waited outside because he was on the phone, she says. 'I picked out a few photo frames, put them on the side to buy them and asked the lady who worked there about some other stuff in the shop. 'She was incredibly stand-offish with me and I couldnt understand why. I went up to the till and, at that point, my dad came in and started looking around. He picked something up and said, What about this? 'I asked how much it was, but the woman told us to get out of the shop. I just couldnt believe what I was hearing and said, Excuse me? She said, Get out of my store right now. 'I looked at her and asked, Are you joking? She said, No, I want both of you to remove yourselves from my store. I asked her what she meant, and why, and she said, I dont like the look of him. Pointing at my dad, she said, I want him to go right now. Stunned, I asked her, What do you mean, you dont like the look of him? She said, You know exactly what I mean. Hes been standing outside my shop and I want him to go. I know why youre coming in here. 'She was implying that we were trying to steal stuff. She came up to my face, this close. Leona holds her hand a few inches from her face. 'She was so loud, shouting, Get out right now or Im going to call the police. 'It was so shocking and disgusting. I couldnt believe someone was shouting at me in front of so many people. I cant stand confrontation anyway, but she was so rude. I completely lost it. I was crying and bawling. My dad said, Come on, lets go. I said, No. Im not going. Im going to call the police. This is racism. - Daily Mail