Karachi The International Hockey Federation (FIGH) has approved stiffer penalty for the green card in the World Hockey Cup qualifiers which will be played at four centers across the globe. According to a message received here Saturday the green card would attract two minutes expulsion for the player instead of mere caution as was the case before. The FIH has approved a variation to the rules in relation to the penalty for a green card in the forthcoming mens World Cup Qualifiers and mens Champions Trophy. Pakistan will be playing in the WC qualifiers starting Saturday at Lille France.Other teams with Pakistan are host France, Italy, Japan Poland and Russia. The other venues where the WC qualifiers will be held at Invercargill (New Zealand) November 7-15 , Quilmes (Argentina) November 14-22,Melbourne (Australia) November 28 -December 6. The winners from each of four centers will qualify for the main round to be played next year in New Delhi. India being the host has already qualified to play in the main round. Pakistan placed 7th in the world is the highest world ranking team at Lille. World ranking of other teams are: Japan (14), France (17), Poland (22), Russia (23) and Italy (26). The following variation to the Rules (Green card) will form part of Appendix 6 of the Tournament Regulations for the above mentioned WC qualifiers only. SCHEDULE OF VARIATION TO RULES OF HOCKEY APPLICABLE FOR TOURNAMENTS 1. The following variations to the Rules of Hockey will apply at the following tournaments: Green Card - Two Minute Suspension For any offence, the offending player may be warned (indicated by a green card). - Where a green card is issued the offending player is temporarily suspended for two (2) minutes. - Temporarily suspended players must remain in a designated place until permitted by the technical officer on duty to resume play. - During the period of temporary suspension of a player, the team plays with one less player. - The umpire immediately restarts the game after the issue of the green card. -The offending player must leave the field immediately. If the player interferes with play on the way to the designated place the umpire further penalizes the player under the normal conduct of play provisions. - The two minute temporary suspension commences when the player is seated at the designated area. - The timing of the suspension is controlled by the technical officials on duty at the technical table.