US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the operation against Taliban shouldnt end in South Waziristan adding that Pakistan has to take on the terrorist groups beyond that region for a lasting solution to terrorism. In an interview to American television Clinton said the war against terrorism meant to root out all terrorist groups defeating them comprehensively. The US secretary of state said Taliban are influenced by AL-Qaeda network which provides training and arms to them. The war should be continued against terrorists in Pakistan or Afghanistan till completely rooting them out of these countries, Clinton said Highlighting the nexus between Al Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban and other terror groups, she said: 'The extremist and terrorist groups are part of syndicate of terror and Al-Qaeda is head of that syndicate. Clinton denied in an interview that she had been accusing Pakistan of harbouring Al-Qaeda. What I was conveying is really part of the message of my trip, she said. I knew when I was coming here that there was a trust deficit... Trust has to go both ways. So Im not drawing any conclusions but I am asking the questions that are on Americans minds as well, she said.