US Secretary of State Hillary Clintons visit to Pakistan is by no means a routine visit to any ordinary country. Pakistan has become by a strange twist events, the lynchpin or fulcrum, around which revolves the strategic balance of the world. The future of peace and security not only in this region but the whole world hinges upon the fate of the ongoing war against terror, mainly focusing on Pakistan. According to Secretary Clinton, the safe havens of Al-Qaeda are located in Pakistan, having shifted here after the 9/11 tragedy. Despite that observe her itinerary and the time she spent to tread where Pakistans own leadership dreads to move on grounds of security. She has dared to visit and hold meetings in a country where its own government recently postponed the by-elections due to security concerns. Undoubtedly, she must have strong reasons to undertake the risk involved. Moreover, Hillary was the perfect choice for the grave and historic decision to fit in with the strategic designs of the West in respect of the Middle East, South Asia covering Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as well as Central Asia. As for the American people, Hillary is much more than Obamas Secretary of State. For eight long years she has been the first lady sharing global challenges along with her distinguished husband, former President Bill Clinton. Not only this, Hillary successfully campaigned for the first woman President of USA. It was, therefore, not without reason that President Barack Obama appointed her as his secretary of state, as no other person in the Congress enjoyed such overwhelming representation of the American people. Having said that, I wish to stress that our region is facing many political and economic challenges, and thus the time has come for the Obama Administration to finalise its grand strategy for South Asia. However, Ms Clintons report to the president at the end of her present visit to the region will determine, to a great extent, the shape and course of events. But I also believe that the grand strategy shall, unfortunately, have its fallout on Pakistans domestic and foreign policies. Hillary Clinton has been honest and crystal clear about the issues confusing the minds of the people of Pakistan. She did not mince her words and remained within the correct and well-defined limits of diplomacy and decency. Had those concerned with the collusion during the framing of the Kerry-Lugar Act done their homework in consultation with the people of Pakistan, in whatever manner these quarters deem fit and done that in time, the language, intent, and tone used in the drafting of the bill could have been different. It is only after the Kerry-Lugar Bill had gone through the legislative process in the Congress that public concern in Pakistan has come to light, resulting in the US administration taking certain measures in an attempt to allay the apprehensions of different circles in Pakistan. Secretary Clinton had candidly said: Take it or leave it, the assistance is not being imposed on Pakistan. So, Islamabad is free to reject it, if it so desires. However, Hillary asserted that by no means Washington intents to impinge upon the working of Pakistans civil or military institutions or the countrys sovereignty. I honestly believe that there is hope for Pakistan in accepting the Act whereas its rejection would present challenges, which may turn out to be counterproductive for our national security at the present juncture. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum.