ISLAMABAD (APP) - The residents visiting the F-8 Markaz and Kutchery are facing parking problems due to insufficient parking space around the market, and the concerned authorities have turned a blind eye to the woes of the visitors. A visitor Ubiadullah said that the available parking area is insufficiant for parking, as hundreds of residents visiting for their work in Kutcheri and Islamabad Capital Territory offices. The visitors to F-8 have to park their vehicles besides the main road which not only creates traffic jams, but also results into accidents at times. Lack of parking space in the F-8 residential area the market is also becoming an issue. resulting into frequent quarrels among visitors and owners of the houses. These police men dont understand that we have no other option but to park our bikes at roads or footpaths. They treat humanly to the car owners but their attitude towards us is usually humiliating as they dont take us as human beings, said Salim a motorcyclist said. Ahmed Hassan, a visitor of f-8, told that if there were proper parking arrangements at the market, no one would park vehicles on roads. An official of Islamabad Traffic Police, said that the cops could only request the people not to park their vehicles on road, however, the visitors dont listen to them. He said the commuters should cooperate with the police and the administration, as parking on roads tantamount to encroachment and could only lead towards traffic hazards or accidents. An official of CDA told the agency that CDA was well aware of the problems being faced by the people and would try its level best to address these problems.