An independent judiciary that is free from fear or favour, harbours no interference or lobbying and guarantees relief to citizens from all injustices is what we always wanted. This was what had motivated the citizens of Pakistan to wage the struggle for restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. This desire created a unique movement in our history started by lawyers. Every section of the civil society participated in its making. However, of late, a section of the lawyers community is adding an unsavoury aftertaste to victory of the people through undue interference in the judicial process. That defeats the very objectives of the civil society, media and a larger section of the lawyers, teachers and political activists who participated in that movement. It was expected that the example of the eminent lawyers of repute and leaders of the judiciary movement, men like Munir Malik, Aitzaz Ahsan and Ali Ahmed Kurd would be emulated in vowing not to appear before their Chief Justice after his restoration. That though has not been followed by a particular group of lawyers who had made the same commitment at the time. This has led to regimentalization among lawyers, as was evident in the recent elections of the Supreme Court Bar. The civil society in Pakistan is extremely distressed by the manner in which a few lawyers have tried to capitalise on the come back of the CJ in the post-restoration period. People have faith in the Chief Justice that he would safeguard their fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. -SHAHZAD KHALIL, Sialkot, October 31.