Attack on Islamic University Islamabad was a direct message writ in terror asking the nation to freeze its educational system. The aim obviously was to cower us into doing so by creating fear amongst children and their parents. I am extremely happy to see on private channels that our children are showing no fear at all. Let us not get into this argument that who has to provide security to the private schools and institutions? Let us just do it. It is the duty of government to do it. All that the government has to do it is to curtail one odd useless luxury here and there and divert funds into providing requisite security to schools, colleges and universities and it will be done. I feel terribly upset when I see our ill informed legislators and administrators appear on private channels to say the government has no funds to do this? Why can't these so-called VIPs, and their VVIP masters, surrender some of their super-luxury vehicles to mobilize funds to do this? At least the terrorists will be put on notice that now that even the VVIPs have done away with their extravagance in a bid to fight them, the entire nation is at war. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, October 29.