ISLAMABAD (Online) - Despite the clear orders to check every single vehicle entering in the Capital, the Capital territory police Is allowing green number plates vehicles to pass through checkpoints without proper checking. A survey of some check points situated at Margalla Road, Tarnol check post, Faizabad check point and airport check post revealed that the policemen at all these check points do not dare to check the green number plate vehicle and also not interrogate the person sitting inside the vehicle. By assuming these green number plates vehicles to be governments property, the policemen have forgotten the fact that to carry-over a vehicle with fake green number plate is not so difficult and with this security lapse one can easily enter in the capital by carrying forbidden stuff without even being noticed. Security sources on the other hand said they did not give any order not to check governments vehicles. Sources said that government has given clear orders to check every single vehicle which is entering in the federal capital and no one is to be exempted. Currently 83 pickets had been set up at in different highways and areas of federal capital where more than 1,000 Police Personnel are performing duties whereas major pickets were manned by 10 officials 24 hours a day.