We may even get rid of the menace of terrorism but it seems the peace would never come to the province of Balochistan. The ill-fated province demands extra attention that is not being given to it by our democratic dispensation. But Balochistan has been ignored by the masters of our fate since inception of the country. The killing of Akbar Bugti and Musharrafs subsequent purge of the chieftains of Balochistan has sown seeds of hatred among the Balochs. Now that we finally have an elected government, it is time to mitigate sufferings of the Balochs. The government should also do something to boost the pace of the existing uplift projects and plan some new development works too that can be started immediately to create hope in the populace. The leaders of the province should be brought into the mainstream of countrys politics so that their people have a stake in the federation just as people of other provinces do. -NABEEL ANWAR DHAKKU, Chakwal, October 31.