KARACHI - Iranian Ambassador Mashallah Shakiri has said that his country has provided the evidences of Sistan incident to Pakistan and is waiting for the answers from Islamabad. He was talking to media men during Meet the Press programme at Karachi Press Club on Saturday. The Iranian envoy claimed that the Pak-Iran border had not been sealed after the Sistan incident, only the security there had been tightened the security there, and the cross border trade was going on smoothly. He accused America of allocating around US$ 400 million for creating instability in Iran and said the barbaric suicide bombing was a result of the funding. We are interested in increasing the trade volume between Iran and Pakistan in the same way as Iran and Turkey share $10 billion trade annually and we hope that at least half of that volume is possible between the countries, he said. The project of laying down 1400 km long gas pipeline on the Iranian side had successfully been completed, while the remaining 200 km part was expected to be constructed in next year, he added. Shakiri further informed reporters that the plan of providing 1000 MWs of electricity to Pakistan was under consideration, as the project was very much feasible. He denied the news items reporting that the Taliban had extended their activities up to Iran and termed it as a baseless assumption, saying no proof was received yet in this regard. To analyse Iran within the perspective of Western media is not plausible, and if someone wants to have sound knowledge of the situation prevailing there he should watch and closely monitor the Iranian media, he said, adding that the people in Iran had a positive viewpoint about the Pakistani media.