LAHORE - New Pak-Afghan transit trade agreement (TTA) is a welcome step to boost economic activities in the region. However, the concerns of business community with regard to smuggling and abundance of smuggled items in Pakistani markets must be redressed to achieve the desired results. This was stated by Munawar Iqbal, Central President of Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) while commenting on the possible impacts and implications of the new agreement. He said that only better implementation and strong measure to curb smuggling and illegal trade practices would ensure that both the countries would be benefited by the Pak-Afghan Transit Trade Agreement. Similarly, Pakistan would have excess to Central Asian states and trader and business community of entire region would be able to expand their markets and contribute in the overall economy of the region. He said that the step may prove instrumental in bringing prosperity and stability in the region. However, India shouldnt be given any unilateral concession till its being reciprocated from her. In this regard, he said Pakistan has done the right thing for not allowing Afghan trucks to carry back Indian goods through its territory. However, Pakistan has a vibrant and efficient transportation system and it should have been used to carry forward Afghan goods and allowing Afghan trucks to use Pakistani Land would hurt the local transport industry severely. Therefore, this decision needs to be revisited to protect our local transport industry. The PCA President also termed it a positive step that many legal safety valves have been taken to insure a transparent trade mechanism both at Wagah and Karachi with regard to the export of Afghan goods to India. He expressed his hope that these steps would also be effective to control smuggling in IT sector as it was hampering the growth of local IT and computer industry. He said that government ought to take the business community onboard about the agreement so that traders and the business communities of the two countries may take maximum advantage of the pact.