Last week, Bill Gates was in London, to meet the British Prime Minister to discuss issues of worldwide humanitarian aid. In his interview with Daily Telegraph, the interviewer commended Bill Gates generosity, in view of his decision to donate at least 95 percent of his wealth estimated at 100 billion dollars. Bill Gates replied that he is not making any personal sacrifice because he lives comfortably. He said there were other great people making personal sacrifices, even though the money they donate is small. No doubt, Bill Gates is a great philanthropist. He is also a great human being. As is the case with other truly great men, his humility is heart-warming and breathtaking, at the same time. Our planet would be a more pleasant abode for the teeming billions, if more people follow his example. The good news is that Bill Gates has convinced nearly 100 billionaires worldwide, to donate at least 50 percent of their wealth. KHALID A, London, October 30.