The Commission set up for the implementation of the 18th Amendment on Monday formally decided to give Legal Protection to the employees of Ministries that have been transferred to provinces. On the other hand, five more ministries will be handed over to the provinces by the start of next year in January. The said decision was taken in an all-important meeting held under the able leadership of the Chairman of the Commission Raza Rabbani at the Parliament House on Monday. The meeting was attended by Senator Ishaq Dar, Farooq Sattar, Afrar Sayab Khattak and Federal Secretary Establishment Division Ismail Qureshi and others. The meeting reviewed in detail host of issues pertaining to future of employees of certain federal ministries. It was decided to give them legal protection which is the sheer need of the hour while perks and privileges will remain the same as they were getting before in this regard. Further it has been told that the Committee will complete all its home work by June 30, 2011. On the other hand Ministries like Population Welfare, Zakat and Usher, Rural Development and Special Initiatives will be handed over to the Provinces this week. The employees have already been informed about the procedures. They have been given three options that is either take Golden Hand Shake, go to the provinces or come in the Surplus Pool.