While announcing head money over various 118 of wanted target killers of the City, the Provincial home minister, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza has expressed his strongest resolves to end the morbidity of target killings. While answering the MPAs during Assemblys question hour, he said that his government was truly serious about ending the morbidity of target killings, and tribal conflicts, and said that notification regarding head money would be released today, Monday. He also informed that during the current year, 80 persons were kidnapped for ransom, out of which, 73 had been recovered Replying to another question, he said that there were various reasons and motives for various crimes committed in the City, and were different than acts of terrorism; while government was focused on a secret policy regarding target killings. He said that Jirgas had no legal value in Sindh; especially karo karri Jirgas would never be accepted under any circumstances, which were more or less prevalent in the Kashmore and others regions, but which have decreased significantly. He cited the issue of a girl, rescued from the clutches of tribal elements and was safe and sound.