Foreign Minister Qureshi has stated, in news conference at Multan on Saturday, that there can be no normal relations with India without a Kashmir settlement. He also took credit for presenting the countrys principled position on Kashmir at the UN forcefully and clearly unlike previous governments. Unfortunately, so far the present government has not moved beyond this rhetoric in demanding India to move on Kashmir according to UNSC resolutions. While conceding that the present intifada in Occupied Kashmir was indigenous, Qureshi did not attempt to explain what his governments policy was in projecting this struggle and Indias gross human rights violations across the globe through diplomatic proactivism. This is because so far the government has not even begun to move on any of these counts. Again, in terms of India, while FM Qureshi declares that there can be no normalisation of bilateral relations with India without a Kashmir settlement, his government is continuing to make unilateral concession to India. From the crucial vote in support of Indias non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council to openings in the Afghan Transit Trade, Pakistan has moved towards more than a simple normalisation of relations with India and gotten no reciprocal concessions from India. Instead, India continues to up the hostile ante against Pakistan at multiple levels. The upcoming Obama visit to India has also been planned in a way to fire the guns at Pakistan with Obama commencing his trip from the Taj Hotel in Mumbai which had been the target of terrorists in 2008, and he will meet the survivors of that attack. Undoubtedly he will make a statement in which Pakistan will come under fire. He has also expected to totally avoid any reference to Kashmir and the abuse of human rights by India in the Occupied State. It is time for the Pakistan government to actively take up the Kashmir conflict with India and resist any resumption of dialogue unless it begins with a dialogue on Kashmir not simply focusing on CBMs, of which there have been so many but none has moved the conflict any further towards resolution, but on moves towards actual conflict resolution. In this context, the UNSC resolutions on plebiscite and the Kashmiris right of self determination have to be the starting points. Simply paying the occasional lip service to the UNSC resolutions and the principle of self-determination is not enough on the part of Pakistan. Generation after generation of Kashmiris have and continue to give their lives for freedom and their right of self determination. Pakistan cannot take a back seat and allow India and its security forces to ruthlessly mow down these Kashmiris. It has to remember that it is an equal party to this international conflict and it must not allow this fact to be obscured by default. Kashmir requires resolution through dialogue which should come up with the details of how to implement the UNSC recommended plebiscite to allow the Kashmiris their right of self determination.