LAHORE - PPPs Lahore women wing president Faiza Malik on Sunday expressed her apprehension that PML-N wanted to assign some political role to the army and the judiciary under cover of its chiefs proposal of Meesaq-e-Pakistan, a proposal, she believed would weaken democracy in the country. Talking to party workers at the residence of a party worker, Huma Rana in PP-146, she said that it would tantamount to suicidal attack on democracy if Pakistan army and the judiciary were given some role in administrative matters. Faiza asserted that all institutions including Parliament, judiciary and army will have to work within their constitutional limits to save the country from yet another break up. She asked PML-N chief to desist from pushing the judiciary and the army into political matters keeping in view the past bad experience of inviting army to take command of Water and Power Agency. She said every body knew what happened to democracy after that decision. The PPP leader said that country needed no other Meesaq (agreement) in the presence of Charter of Democracy which could guarantee strong institutions and democracy if implemented in letter and spirit. Whenever PPP comes to power, people start conspiring against the government, she lamented, adding her party leadership and workers were ready to sacrifice their lives to protect democracy. She said sagacious leadership of President Zardari and Gilani, govt achieved many successes.