Supreme Court (SC) while adjourning till tomorrow hearing of the case filed against non releasing of the 11 persons acquitted by Anti Terrorism Courts (ATC) in different terror related incidents and later allegedly handing over them to agencies has summoned chief secretary Punjab for explaining the position. A 3-member bench of SC comprising Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, justice Ghulam Rabbani and justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday heard the case Monday. Punjab home secretary Shahid Khan, DCO Rawalpindi, Imdad Ullah Sial, IG Jails, Kokab Nadim Warraich and other officials appeared before the court. Home secretary presented before the court report on alleged delivering of acquitted persons to agencies and told jail management was responsible for all the matters occurring inside jail. Superintendent jail did not release the acquitted persons on receipt of orders of DCO and later handed over them to agencies. He told that investigations were underway with superintendent and deputy superintendent jail Adiala who were arrested under the orders of court. CJP remarked no such order had been issued by the court that arrests be made. If both the officers had been arrested under the orders of court then what investigations had been made from them, Justice Ramday observed. CPO Fakhar Sultan submitted before court that according to superintendent jail he was not on duty when 11 persons were handed over to agencies. However police had lodged FIR of the case but the persons handed over to agencies had not been traced so far. You have registered FIR but are not tracing the persons. Not only one but 11 persons are missing, Who is responsible for this situation. Who will protect the life and property of the people. You have presented incorrect record, CJP remarked. IG Jails told Jail superintendent was granted leave due the threats from Taliban. IG Jails be suspended on the charges of forgery, justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday observed. We have contacted ISI, MI, IB and other agencies and all have refuted reports about holding of prisoners by them, home secretary Punjab told the court. CPO Rawalpindi told a joint team of police and all agencies had been set up to trace out all these persons. The committee is making efforts for recovery of these prisoners. Home secretary knows every thing where these people are. If you people are helpless then tell us we will call chief secretary too, CJP said. Home secretary submitted that interior ministry be directed in connection with recovery of these 11 persons. Additional Attorney General KK Agha told the court he had contacted all the agencies in respect of missing persons who were acquitted but the agencies had told that they had not taken them into their custody. On inquiring from CJP, home secretary Punjab told that he was helpless in this case of recovery of 11 missing persons and he could do nothing.