The two percent increase in electricity price would convince the public about the governments totally callous attitude towards them. Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikhs explanation that the hike is aimed to bridge the recovery gap and lessen the burden on the government no doubt makes sense. However, when giving relief to the people is the last priority bothering the leadership, and when the people have so far been patiently and fatalistically accepting such hikes, one could expect further hikes every month. Mr Hafeez said that currently the government was paying a subsidy of Rs 250 billion and unless the electricity rates were increased, the national exchequer would have to foot this bill. Our financial wizard has lived up to his reputation of being an IMF stooge who would go to great lengths to secure its financial interests, however severe the consequences may be for the masses. The question is when there is no electricity available to the consumers in the first place, why should they be paying abnormally high rates? The fact that the governments conduct has been ruthless and unacceptable can be gauged from the fact that people have been heard complaining that while they have electricity only for three to four hours per day yet at the end of the month they get highly inflated bills. Keeping in view the power used by the people, there is no doubt that they are being overcharged. Hence, the government has only been shifting the burden on the consumers. Despite these frequent hikes and all the money that it gets through bills, it has completely failed to do anything to end the loadshedding crisis, that has now pushed the economy on the brink of disaster and is also badly testing the patience of the people. Corruption scandals worth billions of rupees in the energy sector have reinforced the governments noncommittal stance towards the crisis from day one, besides proving its tendency to milk the countrys resources with impunity. At the end of the day, the government is on a shaky wicket when it reacts adversaly to criticism for its actions.