ORAKZAI AGENCY Talibans Shariah court has publicly whipped some 65 persons for selling and using hashish and heroin at Mamozai area in Upper Orakzai Agency here on Sunday. Following the verdict given by Talibans Shura, at least 65 persons who had already been in Taliban custody for selling and using charas and heroin were publicly lashed at a ground in the presence of hundreds of people from the area. Taliban have banned use and selling of drugs in the jurisdiction of the Orakzai Agency and strictly warned that any violator would face the consequences. To punish them publicly, the 65 peddlers and users were brought and each of them was beaten with 10 lashes each, the sources said and confirmed happening of the incident as well. Taliban spokesperson, Hafiz Saeed, also confirmed this and said that these 65 persons belonged to various parts of the agency. He said that time and again they were told neither to use nor sell heroin and hashish in the area as Taliban have strictly banned it. For constant violation, Talibans Shura gave a verdict awarding punishment accordingly and to implement the order all the 65 persons were flogged publicly in the presence of hundreds of people at Mamozai area of Orakzai Agency. It is worth mentioning here that the Government has claimed that 90 percent area of the agency had been cleared of militants and remaining 10 percent area would be cleared soon. However, still a vast area of Mamozai is under Taliban control where they constantly set up Shariah courts to award penalties to people. To rid the area of Taliban, an operation is also in process in the area.