Much has been said and written about one of the most controversial decrees of our history NRO. However, some facts of that era demand its unprejudiced reappraisal. Except for the 'jiyala, there is an overall consensus over the fact that it was a discriminatory ordinance, in clear violation of Article 4 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Reconciliation since then, is the most misused term in our polity. NRO is generally perceived as the deal between the devils whereby PPPs slain leader cunningly exonerated herself and her coterie from corruption charges to pave her way back to power corridors. The equation, however, is not that simple. Currently much loathed General was medias darling and peoples saviour back then. Legitimised by the then Judiciary, he continued to dupe the International Community by his boastful 'enlightened moderation and the people of Pakistan by his rosy picture of National Exchequer. With all opinions in favour of the General, Mian Nawaz Sharifs myopic and self-centered decision of no-dialogue with Musharraf, and the abundance of political apostates to continue the farce democracy for coming decades by manipulated polls; what other choice Ms Bhutto had to achieve a transition to democracy? It was witty on her part to come to terms with Musharraf which later made it possible for both Ms Bhutto and Mr Sharif to return to Pakistan and play their cards accordingly. As far as the personal benefits of NRO are concerned, she knew it better that those were temporary ones as Courts always have a jurisdiction over an ordinance. A humble reminder for NRO baiters: ours is not a utopian state governed by Platonic ideals. ABDUL RAUF, Karachi, October 29.