A Chinese driver escaped with barely a scratch after hundreds of steel bars crashed through the windscreen of his car. Yang Junsheng, 24, ducked as the bars shot towards him and incredibly they all missed him. He was left in shock - but with only a few scratches to his left cheek, following the accident in Taizhou, Zhejianag Province. Yang admitted that the accident happened as he was trying to drive away from a police officer as the car was unregistered. He smashed into a pick-up truck carrying a load of steel bars which were sent flying through his windscreen. My mind was very clear at that second, and I immediately dived down onto the passenger seat, Yang said. I heard an explosion and when the car stopped I couldnt move because the car was full of metal bars. They were everywhere. He went to hospital for a checkup but doctors said he had no injuries at all, apart from his scratches. Its pure magic that he could survive this, said one police officer. When I saw the car I thought the driver had to be dead. ON